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The purpose of massaging is training the mind and body for love and recreation and also making them receptive to touch and sweet words. Massaging is the most pleasant experience and fills us with happiness, peace, relaxation and freedom.

The gentle touch of a woman during such a massage offers more complex sentiments. It is known that this kind of massage, sensual massage, makes your body thrill and feel emotions you didn’t even know were possible. This is why it focuses on a certain part of the body through certain techniques full of sensuality and ecstasy.

Our masseuses are especially trained in the secrets of this kind of massage and not only.

Here are some that you would enjoy either at home or at the hotel:

  • 4 hands sensual massage (Two Masseuses)

  • Tantric massage for men, woman, and couples

  • Body to Body massage for men and woman

  • Prostate massage for men and woman

  • Nuru Massage

The last type is a very sensual massage which is very popular. It involves the partners rubbing their bodies against each other. It is performed with a lot of care, gentleness but also sudden movements and of course, with a lot of oil. Imagine the woman of your dreams rubbing her beautiful body against yours in a gentle and sensual way. It is the perfect massage for reaching the highest peak of pleasure and losing yourself in a completely permissive and unreal world.

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Note: The prices below(only for sensual massages) do not include the full service. The full services can be accessed on each of the escort’s profiles.